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With Private Coaching you will strategically plan your purpose and design the life you truly want. You are the designer of your life. It's time to own it!!

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"Natasha has guided me in all the areas of my life and now she has focused on the relationship part. She has helped me to create boundaries, encouraged me to get out more and has taught me that if I want to be successful in my love relationship, like my acting career, I need to be the CEO of my love life. Now, I'm dating more and meeting amazing men."

- Chrystee

This program was design for you to get the most out of your life year after year. It's time to eliminate the busyness and overwhelm that is leading you no where. In this personalized program you'll

  • Cultivate a relationship intuition so that ever decision you make will come with grace and ease
  • Build your accomplish muscle so you will no longer question your confidence.
  • Achieve goals beyond what you can imagine.
  • Use your natural strength with both love and power so you can be unapologetically alpha instead defensively alpha.

In 2018 you will work intentionally to Design the Life You Really Want instead of just accepting the “cards you’ve been dealt”

The Program

In January – 2 hour strategy session to on-board your goals into the year. Creating the plan for the year and generate your 90 day plan for each quarter.

Each Month includes:

  • Phone Time – Private Coaching(Valued at $3600). This is when we strategize, brainstorm, develop ideas, and generate a monthly plan of attack to assistant in overcoming specific challenges and reaching your planned goals
    • One Private Coaching Session per month
  • Group Coaching Sessions – once a month (Valued at $1300).Starts at the end of January. These sessions will follow a predetermined course – additionally with 4 slots for hot seat coaching during coaching sessions.
  • Access. Need to drop me a quick question? I’m available to answer. Shoot me an email or text anytime you need help and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days. natasha@loveceoinstitute.com or (213) 842-9663
  • 2 – Live Group VIP Session (Valued at $1000) dates to be determined upon close of registration.

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"My biggest challenge was getting out of my way. Before working with Natasha, I set up my own obstacles that were keeping me from moving forward.I learned from working with Natasha is that I deserve to live the life I want to without any explanation.I deserve the good things in life no matter my past mistakes. She's a great support, and accountability partner with so much positive energy surrounded her. She will help you remove the blocks you may be setting for yourself.She's organized and keeps track of your progress or any misses you may have.It's a great investment."

- Diahnna

"In the world we live in now some of us do so much for others that we push/leave our dreams/destiny aside. Natasha, will guide you each day with simple to do exercises. At the end of the course, I started taking action on my God given purpose. This course helped me rediscover my passion and start taking action. I'm currently working on starting my own business without excuses, but with Love and excitement. Thank you Natasha McCrea"

- Shantel


Over $2000 Value

Free – Group Coaching Program $1300 value

Monthly Group Coaching. Covering the 12 step to living your best life ever. You will receive. All course will be online.

  • Hot seat coaching opportunities on all calls
  • 50% off all live events and master classes
  • Guided Journal for Free starting the month you join

Free – Guided Journal Series (12) $324 value

Dear Strong Woman,

If you like the idea of having a coach in a book then this guided journal was created specifically for you. You may not be feeling so strong lately or you want to dive deeper and live your best life, your time is now. Declare, now, you’ll start to design the life you really want. The “Design the Life You Want Guided Journal” will be a declaration to live your best life ever.

  • Vision board prompt every 30 days
  • Daily journal prompts
  • Daily Practice
  • Keep your goals in front of you

Free – Fitness Best Me Ever w/ Jada Kelly $150 value

BEST ME EVER (Online Coaching Program) – Intensive plan including nutrition, workouts, supplements, and 24 hour support! This plan, given in 30 day segments, details everything from exactly what to eat to each specific workout. Includes weekly check-in and weigh-in, unlimited text, email and phone support. It’s a one stop shop to your goals! Designed to meet the needs of each individual.

30 day plan…..$150 per person

***Includes individualized workout plan and nutrition plan designed to meet your goals, weekly Skype/Messenger check-ins, weekly measurement checks, weekly photo checks, changes to plan when needed, unlimited text support, unlimited email support, unlimited phone support

FREE – 52 weeks of Happy – Weekly Audio Coaching $50 value

Get weekly audio coaching to guide you in your personal, professional, financial, and spiritual life that will motivate, inspire, and challenge you to move toward the life you want

You will receive:

  • A Weekly “Habit” (Tip) audio postcard with a coaching moment
  • Weekly action to move you through the H.A.P.P.Y. process
  • Email access to Leslie Pogue for direct coaching

FREE – Special Finance Coaching Bonus – Michelle Tascoe

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an interview/application process, even though I know for sure I want to join the program?
Each year I allocate space for a limited amount of women for Private coaching. And, since space is limited I want us both to be sure that you are a match for the program. And, that you are passionate about accomplishing your goals this year and you are willing to put in the work with my guidance.
Do I have to live in the Los Angeles area to join the program?
No, you can live anywhere in the world. All calls an program bonuses are conducted via video conferencing and other internet outlets.
When does coaching start and finish?
This personalized private coaching program starts in January and ends the first week in December.
How long do I have access to group coaching recordings and bonus materials?
You will have unlimited access to all materials and recordings for the entire year - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the coaching?
That is very unlikely if you are doing the work and sticking to the plan that we develop for you personally. This is why there is an application/interview process do determine how serious you are with designing the life you really want. I am willing to take a chance on you as a client. You must be willing to take a chance on yourself.
What are the events I can get into for free?
You will get in free to all of our social events unless there is a cover charge from the venue. But all general admission charges will be covered.
Do I have to attend all group coaching calls?
No, there is no obligation to attend the group coaching call live. Although the calls are a great supplement to your monthly private coaching call so it's recommended to listen to the replays each month.

Your Instructor


Life Coach for Alpha Females, also known as Professor X for Alpha Females

Natasha McCrea is a Speaker, Author and Love Coach who guides alpha females into using their God given talents to design the life they really want and attract the love they desire. Her mission is to guide you out of loneliness, overwhelm, confusion and stagnation; into hope, power and love.

What her clients are saying: “.... I'm so excited I have been feeling stuck for so long waiting but here I am designing the life I want no longer waiting for someone to offer it to me. It's amazing and I have you to thank for showing me how to have the real connection.”

Natasha is the founder of Love CEO Institute which offers Live Events, Online Group Programs, and Private Coaching .
She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

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