Alpha Vision Mastery Workbook

Vision Board Prep and Year Long Planning

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Don't just wing it when it comes to your dreams, goals and your vision board. Get clear masterful focus when it comes to creating your vision and designing the life you really want.

10 solid pages of questions to heighten your self-awareness, and generate a clear vision.

Eliminate the randomness of creating your vision. Get focused so you have a better chance at accomplishing your goals this year.

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Why you need this before you set out to do your vision board

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Life Coach for Alpha Females, also known as Professor X for Alpha Females

Natasha McCrea is a Speaker, Author and Love Coach who guides alpha females into using their God given talents to design the life they really want and attract the love they desire. Her mission is to guide you out of loneliness, overwhelm, confusion and stagnation; into hope, power and love.

What her clients are saying: “.... I'm so excited I have been feeling stuck for so long waiting but here I am designing the life I want no longer waiting for someone to offer it to me. It's amazing and I have you to thank for showing me how to have the real connection.”

Natasha is the founder of Love CEO Institute which offers Live Events, Online Group Programs, and Private Coaching .
She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to prep for my vision board?
You should always have a road map prior to even looking in a magazine.
Why do people have vision board parties?
A vision board party is a good idea if you are very specific about your intentions. It's easy to neglect your goals and dreams when no one knows anything about them.
Do I have to do a vision board to be successful?
You have to have clear vision to be successful in both life and love. My proven vision board system help you do just that, The vision board is all about creating the vision and solidifying the vision.

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