3 Simple Solutions for Creating a vision board.

I’ll cut to the chase of how to create a vision board.

I'll presume you have mapped out your goals and done an assessment of where you are. If you want additional guidance you can read my blog on vision board mastery here.

So now that you have you big goals and the plan. Let’s dive in.

First when you set out to design a vision board let’s think about the end game. You will want to have your vision in front of you daily. And you will want to have all of your supplies laid out.

Poster board is better than regular paper.

I like getting standard board that's not too flimsy. It’s your goals and your vision and you want it to feel first-class. I recommend 11 x 14 like these, because it’s not too big or to small. And, it’s easy to find an 11 x 14 frame.

You can always choose whatever size feels good to you or the size that matches a frame that turns. Just cut the board down in advance. Don't put your images all the way to the edge. Double check it with your frame in advance. If you only have regular paper I believe “done is better than perfect” don’t let it stop you.

You can also download a FREE template I created a couple of years ago as part of the Guided Journal Series.

This template will lay out the areas of life focus and how to organize your images on your board. It’s the perfect size for monthly vision boards.

Images will be key.

It’s best to think of images in advance so your brain will know what it's looking for when you browse through the magazine. It saves time and minimizes overwhelm when you are looking at so many images.

You can get your images from magazines or simply google images online.

Collecting images from online will definitely save you time. However looking in magazines will open you up to be inspired. I recommend both.

When collecting from online drag and drop images into one document then print. You'll save paper this way.

This process will be much easier now that you’ve chosen your goals and feelings about accomplishing these goals. Keep it simple your vision board should never be cluttered.

Other Supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks
  • Pens
  • Quotes/Mantras/Phrases
  • Stickers or construction paper (things that make you feel good)

Most important:

Just do it, frame it, and create a plan to accomplish it. Review your vision board and your goals daily

Other helpful resources.

Happy Visioning!! And if you haven't heard this today know that I love you and I believe you can have all that your heart desires.

Xs & Os,

If you need a little guidance on getting clear on your goals check out these blogs and download other resources.